This project began in February 2018. I consider myself the facilitator of this project more than the artist, I wanted the individuals to be able to express themselves fully. The following letter was sent to participants.


This is a collaborative project aimed at exploring the manifestations and habits of anxiety. The idea behind this project is to document how anxiety is prevalent within our community, the different forms it takes, and to bring visibility to its presence while changing the often singular narrative of how it looks and who it effects.



The series will all be shot on Kodak Portra ISO 400 (color film) on a Canon AE-1. The negatives will be developed by Indie Photo in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I will be enlarging the photos by either scanning the negatives, editing with Adobe Photoshop, and printing digitally, or by enlarging through the analog process in the darkroom. To start off I will ask participants about their anxiety, and the habits they engage in when they are anxious. Then they will reenact those habits while I take photos. There is no specific dress code. I will photograph the participant in their room unless otherwise discussed. I will shoot half a roll (18 frames) per person unless otherwise specified. If the participant becomes uncomfortable at any time, they need only to let me know. I will stop taking photos and will not use any of the photos I have already taken in the project if that is what they choose. After we take the photos I will record the participant talking about their anxiety. It is an open-ended prompt, as long as they talk about something related to their anxiety, and there is no specified length of time that they have to stay within. After I select some of the photos, I will show the participant which ones I am thinking of using. They will have input into which one I choose, although ultimately I will have the final say. If there are images that they are uncomfortable with me using, they have veto power and I will not use that picture. Once a final photo is decided upon and printed. I will return it to the participant and they can do whatever they want to it so long as it is related to their anxiety, not pornographic, and is two dimensional (i.e. I will still be able to scan the photo) and they will return the photograph to me. The final product will either be a book with scans of these photos and transcriptions of the recordings, or a website with scans of the photos and recordings embedded.


NOTE: If at ANY TIME in this process before the showing of the final project the participant decides that they are uncomfortable with any part of it, they can withdraw and I will not use any material from them!


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